Orthodontist Serving the Gold Coast

Meet Dr Stevan Saicich
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Dr Saicich has over 20 years of experience both in Orthodontic Practice and with involvement teaching both at the University of Western Australia and Griffith University. He has been the owner of About Face Orthodontics since 2009 and is committed to providing the best orthodontic outcome and treatment relationship for you.

Orthodontists are dentists who have decided to concentrate all their efforts in one particular area of dentistry…..repositioning teeth, in order to improve the way teeth bite together and to create beautiful smiles. To be registered as an Orthodontic Specialist in Australia, dentists must go back to university and do another three years of study. As you can imagine, doing three extra years of study (on top of the five years it has already taken to become a dentist) is a large task and ensures that you will receive treatment by a highly trained professional.

“We look forward to seeing you soon and working with you to create a beautiful smile”

Meet our friendly staff

Reception Co-ordinator: Julianne
Senior Receptionist: Suzy
Junior Receptionist: Emma
Clinical Co-ordinator: Sandy
Clinical Assistant: Sandra
Clinical Assistant: Shahni
(Shahni is currently on maternity leave)
Clinical Assistant: Mel
Clinical Assistant: Siobhan

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