Invisible Braces

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When braces are recommended, Gold Coast’s About Face Orthodontics always uses translucent ceramic braces on your top teeth. These are cost-effective and are hardly visible compared to traditional metal braces.
There are a range of different types of braces to choose from. During your first appointment, Dr Saicich will help you work out which is the best option for you:

1. Braces with colours
For younger patients – or just young at heart – About Face Orthodontics offer braces that are fun and colourful. You can choose and change the colour of your elastics that sit around each brace. These are replaced at most appointments so if pink and purple are not your style, then orange and black may just go for that Halloween party. For that special event or photo, you may choose clear elastics to make the braces almost disappear.
Check out the colours we have available.

2. Self-ligating braces
For our patients that need the most efficient way of moving teeth but don’t want the world to notice too much, self-ligating braces don’t need elastics. Because they do not need elastics, they look clearer and cleaner for longer.
Self-ligating braces are ideal for adults or teens that enjoy their daily coffee or that curry on Friday night. There are many varieties of self-ligating braces available and Dr Saicich keeps abreast with the technological changes and offers you the most up to date choices.

3. Invisible braces
Lingual braces are truly invisible braces. These braces are made to sit on the inside of your top teeth and no one knows you are wearing them. They are individually made for your teeth and even your closest friends will not know you are having orthodontic treatment.