Invisalign FAQ’s

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Q: Is Invisalign right for me?
A: Invisalign can treat a range of orthodontic problems in many age groups and can be a discreet and effective way of treating common orthodontic problems. Technology in this area is constantly improving, and each patient needs to be assessed for suitability. Because Invisalign plates are removable, they can be easily taken out regularly which can reduce the effectiveness of treatment. They can also be easily lost or misplaced so may not be suitable for younger children.
Q: What can I eat with my Invisalign aligner?
A: Invisalign aligners are removable so you can eat anything. However, it is important to brush your teeth after eating and before you put your aligners back on.
Q: Do I need to following any special cleaning instructions with Invisalign?
A: With Invisalign, you clean your teeth as normal and clean your aligners with the cleaning equipment provided to you.